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Sonny V
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Hey everyone,I finally picked my last camera up from the bush that I wasn't able to get to cause of all the snow.The last time I was at the camera was Dec 26. I picked it up today and there was 1967 pictures on it and it was still taking pictures. I had my cousin get it for me on his snowmobile. I opened the camera up and there was a picture of him on his sled. That's 3 months in the bush and still taking pictures in very cold temperatures. I could not believe it.These little cameras are unbelieveable.It never froze up once in all that time.Even more suprising the batteries were still reading 3 bars on the veiwing screen. They just keep surprising me . I am looking forward to each and everyone that has purchased a camera to get it out in the field to have the great experience that I am having with these cameras. I have never had a camera that worked as well as these. I am 100% positive that these cameras work in all conditions. I know you will have the same satisfaction as I am having. Get them out in the field you will be pleasantly surprised..Take care and don't get stuck in the snow,but if you do, don't worry the snow will melt ............Kelly


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