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Sonny V
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Hey everyone if you haven't been out in the country lately you are missing out on some great gopher hunting . They are everywhere sicking out in the snow . They are probably wondering where the grass is. I was out yesterday shooting . It didn't take long to shoot 3 or 4 boxes of ammo. Some deer still packing their headgear. Anyone find any sheds yet? Make sure you post them up on the site. I'm up to 25 sheds so far this year. There is lots under the snow, so hopefully it will warm up real quick and melt this snow. I've been seeing a few dead deer now ,the coyotes are eating well. that's too bad that means less for us to get pictures of this coming summer and fall. We got our MMS camera going and it is working very well. Just sit at your computer and veiw pictures of animals right at home. It is pretty cool...Take care.....Kelly


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